The Illusion Of Choice

The transition from pencil to pen has been a little hard for us when we were children. Everything we learned till then was temporary but introducing us to pen our lives became permanent. Whatever we write became permanent, if there was a mistake we can strike it off but it will always be visible as a scar. When we were a child there was no tension or stress about anything in the whole world ,we just did what we enjoyed doing and cried if we didn’t like it. It was just like writing with pencil whatever we write we can erase it and start over again and if we make a mistake we can correct it and nothing will go wrong, life was so simple. Then we got introduced to pen which was same as writing with a pencil but we can’t completely erase it, the scars will always be there no matter what.

Being an adult we can choose whether to write with pencil or pen. Both are used for same purposes but they impact our lives differently. It’s your choice whether to write with pencil or pen. You can choose pencil and live your life without being afraid of mistakes and to start over again or you can choose pen and let mistakes become your scars and be afraid to start over again.


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