The chase

Something is chasing him. He is running as if he would die if he stopped. He is scared that it might get closer so he is running faster than he ever ran. He feels some unknown force which makes him run faster than he ever imagined. He is beginning to think that he is flash who has the capability to run faster than a normal human being. He is running but his energy is not decreasing, it’s as if his timeline has formed a loop where he gets chased forever. He thinks that it is better than stopping. What is it that’s chasing him? What is he so afraid of? He don’t know. He can’t even look back, that will increase the chance of being caught. Thunder and lightning started striking from above but that doesn’t concern him. His fear of thunder has gone and he didn’t even realize it. He is only concentrating on running. He attains an inner peace after running so long. He is not afraid of it anymore. He decides to face it. He turns towards it. He see’s something pass through him. He wakes up in his bedroom and realizes that he became fearless in his favorite world.


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