The lost kitten

I live in my college hostel. After vacation when I came back from my home to my hostel I saw 3 kittens in my neighbours room. They were just babies who had not seen this world. I watched them grow, open their eyes. With the blink an eye they started jumping outside of the box. From time to time their mother came and gave them milk.
One day 2 kittens followed her while she was leaving after giving them milk. After some distance the mother carried one kitten and my friend who lives in the same room where the kitten lives showed the other kitten the way to the room. We thought that the mother will come and take the other kittens but she didn’t came.
The sky had blackened and night had come we heard a sound of a kitten crying for help and we rushed to the gate and told the security to open it and he said it might go to the the teachers room. That was the excuse he was giving to himself rather than saving the poor from darkness. A bit later he opened it and I jumped the wall and saw it. The kitten approached me with a scared face as If he had seen heaven. I placed him near its brother’s and they started playing. From the moment when the other kitten was gone they were sitting in my friends chappals and when they saw its brother came back they started playing. I cuddled the three and watched them play and laughed a lot. I just wanted to convey the message that don’t tell any excuse to stop yourself from what you really want to do that is equal to hiding the truth and telling lies.


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  1. Hi you!
    Thanks for your post. I loved the kitten story. And you’re right: so many times we are ready to convince ourselves that we can’t do something just because we don’t want to do it.
    Will be following you.
    Looking to have some people on board with me on my journey so if ever you have a minute one day, feel free to stop by ❤
    Take care,

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