The Illusion Of Choice

The transition from pencil to pen has been a little hard for us when we were children. Everything we learned till then was temporary but introducing us to pen our lives became permanent. Whatever we write became permanent, if there was a mistake we can strike it off but it will always be visible as a scar. When we were a child there was no tension or stress about anything in the whole world ,we just did what we enjoyed doing and cried if we didn’t like it. It was just like writing with pencil whatever we write we can erase it and start over again and if we make a mistake we can correct it and nothing will go wrong, life was so simple. Then we got introduced to pen which was same as writing with a pencil but we can’t completely erase it, the scars will always be there no matter what.

Being an adult we can choose whether to write with pencil or pen. Both are used for same purposes but they impact our lives differently. It’s your choice whether to write with pencil or pen. You can choose pencil and live your life without being afraid of mistakes and to start over again or you can choose pen and let mistakes become your scars and be afraid to start over again.


The Invisible Prison

I’ve always believed I was special I still believe it. Even when I was little I believed I was different from everyone else, it made me happy as well as sad.        Happy because I’m different and unique and sad because I am different from others. But I never stopped believing it, that’s what makes me going. It pumps up my blood, it makes me breath and literally to do everything.

Our beliefs makes us who we are and I never tried to limit my beliefs. From time to time my mind always spend time in the prison of beliefs. It thought that living in the prison safely is better than going out on adventures. I helped my mind to break free from the prison and let it decide its own fate without following any laws. At first it was difficult but eventually I managed the mind to spend more time outside rather than spending it inside the prison. Now I feel as a bird who is trying very hard to fly after many years of imprisonment, who flies even though it’s wings have forgotten how to fly, who is proud that he still has his wings and nothing can stop him from flying.

The chase

Something is chasing him. He is running as if he would die if he stopped. He is scared that it might get closer so he is running faster than he ever ran. He feels some unknown force which makes him run faster than he ever imagined. He is beginning to think that he is flash who has the capability to run faster than a normal human being. He is running but his energy is not decreasing, it’s as if his timeline has formed a loop where he gets chased forever. He thinks that it is better than stopping. What is it that’s chasing him? What is he so afraid of? He don’t know. He can’t even look back, that will increase the chance of being caught. Thunder and lightning started striking from above but that doesn’t concern him. His fear of thunder has gone and he didn’t even realize it. He is only concentrating on running. He attains an inner peace after running so long. He is not afraid of it anymore. He decides to face it. He turns towards it. He see’s something pass through him. He wakes up in his bedroom and realizes that he became fearless in his favorite world.

Our Perspective of Objects

Female’s have this unique body part which makes us feel both blessed and attracted. As it is located at the chest it is noticeable and we feel sexual energy transmitting through our body whereas when we see a child drinking milk with it our emotions are entirely different from the other one. The mental image plays a crucial role in our perception of objects. As the situation changes our emotions also changes whereas the objects remains the same. This is what happens in our lives while we judge objects and label them. Every object has it’s primary purpose and secondary purposes. The primary purpose is the purpose which it is made for and the secondary purposes are the other purposes we use it for.

No object is good or bad everything falls in the categories we made up in our minds. So stop judging objects and see the objects as they are, see the beauty in everything rather than focusing on it’s ugliness and live your life filling it with happiness.




Smoke which travels far far away

By passing through the obstacles marching forward

By letting go of the material things it weigh

It’s free to travel everywhere

Smoke which makes me jealous

Nothing can stop it not even wind

It travels along with it like a friend

Not resisting not judging

Be like smoke as nothing stays constant

pass through the obstacles marching forward

Everything changes in this never ending life

When I’m not around

I planted a rose plant in my room to wake up my room when I’m not around ,

I planted a rose plant in my room so that my room does not feel bored when I’m not around ,

I planted a rose plant in my room so that my room feel positive when I’m not around ,

I planted a rose plant in my room so that my room does not feel lonely when I’m not around ,

I planted a rose plant in my room so that my room feel natural when I’m not around ,

I planted a rose plant in my room so that my room feels free when I’m not around,

I planted a rose plant in my room to wake up my room which sleeps all the time.

The lost kitten

I live in my college hostel. After vacation when I came back from my home me to my hostel I saw 3 kittens in my neighbors room. They were just babies who had not seen this world. I watched them grow, open their eyes. With the blink an eye they started jumping outside of the box. From time to time their mother came and gave them milk.
One day 2 kittens followed her while she was leaving after giving them milk. After some distance the mother carried one kitten and my friend who lives in the same room where the kitten lives showed the other kitten the way to the room. We thought that the mother will come and take the other kittens but she didn’t came.
The sky had blackened and night had come we heard a sound of a kitten crying for help and we rushed to the gate and told the security to open it and he said it might go to the the teachers room. That was the excuse he was giving to himself rather than saving the poor from darkness. A bit later he opened it and I jumped the wall and saw it. The kitten approached me with a scared face as If he had seen heaven. I placed him near its brother’s and they started playing. From the moment when the other kitten was gone they were sitting in my friends chappals and when they saw its brother came back they started playing. I cuddled the three and watched them play and laughed a lot. I just wanted to convey the message that don’t tell any excuse to stop yourself from what you really want to do that is equal to hiding the truth and telling lies.