Night created darkness so that we never took the day for granted ; but we created light so that we never have to miss the day.

Love is a magical word.

  The word love has magic hidden inside it. Like a burning candle loses nothing by sharing it's light, love loses nothing by sharing it. Love never really run's out like other things. They all have an expiration date but love never does and never will. It's like an infinite fountain which can only overflow... Continue Reading →

Chasing the dream

For most people it's motivation but for me it's rather a confusing topic. I have chased many dreams as i arrived in my early adulthood. Chasing the dream is like trying to become someone you want to be and thinking you will get a satisfaction out of it. There is no guarantee for us that... Continue Reading →

The Illusion Of Choice

The transition from pencil to pen has been a little hard for us when we were children. Everything we learned till then was temporary but introducing us to pen our lives became permanent. Whatever we write became permanent, if there was a mistake we can strike it off but it will always be visible as... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Prison

I've always believed I was special I still believe it. Even when I was little I believed I was different from everyone else, it made me happy as well as sad.        Happy because I'm different and unique and sad because I am different from others. But I never stopped believing it, that's... Continue Reading →

The chase

Something is chasing him. He is running as if he would die if he stopped. He is scared that it might get closer so he is running faster than he ever ran. He feels some unknown force which makes him run faster than he ever imagined. He is beginning to think that he is flash... Continue Reading →

Our Perspective of Objects

Female's have this unique body part which makes us feel both blessed and attracted. As it is located at the chest it is noticeable and we feel sexual energy transmitting through our body whereas when we see a child drinking milk with it our emotions are entirely different from the other one. The mental image... Continue Reading →


  Smoke which travels far far away By passing through the obstacles marching forward By letting go of the material things it weigh It's free to travel everywhere Smoke which makes me jealous Nothing can stop it not even wind It travels along with it like a friend Not resisting not judging Be like smoke... Continue Reading →

When I’m not around

I planted a rose plant in my room to wake up my room when I'm not around , I planted a rose plant in my room so that my room does not feel bored when I'm not around , I planted a rose plant in my room so that my room feel positive when I'm... Continue Reading →

The lost kitten

I live in my college hostel. After vacation when I came back from my home to my hostel I saw 3 kittens in my neighbours room. They were just babies who had not seen this world. I watched them grow, open their eyes. With the blink an eye they started jumping outside of the box.... Continue Reading →

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